1. Appointment of leaders

For those who missed the AGM on Sunday, we’d like to announce the formal appointment of Erin Temu and Alan Calvert to the leadership team, and the re-appointment of Dave Stevens and Penny Day to continue their role on the leadership team.  We are very grateful for the gifted leaders that God has placed at Franklin Baptist Church at this time.

2. Loan repayment project

We also presented a Loan Repayment Project.  At FBC we have a current loan of (approx) $469,000 with Christian Savings. We are looking to reduce this more quickly than we have been doing and present the following as a project.

The project has 2 different activities with the ultimate aim of eliminating our loan.

  1. Interest free loans – FBC will seek to cover the current loan by using interest free loans from church attendees and use the money currently being paid to Christian savings (mixture of principal and interest) to pay back the loans (principal only). Keeping in mind that these loans can be called on at any time, it was felt that the ideal scenario would see 5 lenders of $100,000 or 10 of $50,000 – smaller amounts could be more difficult to manage especially if lenders requirements changed at short notice and refinancing was required. There is quite a lot of detail around documentation and timing of these loans but it would be better to cover this off with those who would like to pursue this option individually.
  2. Fund raising and donations – a generous member of FBC has offered to match dollar for dollar on any donation/funds raised over the next 12 months to a maximum of $100,000. This is for money donated that is not already earmarked for usual tithes and offerings but allows for many church attendees to contribute to the project even if they are not able to give an interest free loan. It would allow for small groups to fund raise by doing cake baking, car washing etc knowing that each dollar is worth $2. Perhaps someone would like to organize a post Covid garage sale – the choices are endless. It could include the tax refund for either the year just completed or committing for the year we are already in if you are not already giving that back.

All giving for this project should be tagged as “loan repayment project” and will be kept separate from general offerings and reported on separately as the year progresses.

3. Congratulations Rachel Roche!

We want to congratulate Rachel Roche on her new role as Kaitiaki Regional Advisor in the Baptist Northern Association.  This is a significant leadership role, advising pastors and leaders of around 100 Baptist churches from Bombay to Cape Reinga.  In this capacity she will develop and utilise an audit tool to help gauge the health of churches/faith communities in this region, and work alongside pastors and ministry teams towards their goals to strengthen the health of these churches.   

Rachel we recognise the leadership gifts God has placed on your life, and your calling in the Baptist movement.  We pray for God’s blessing, as you embark on this new role!

Grace and peace

Tim Palmer and the FBC leadership team

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