Kia ora whanau!
Thankfully our household is out of isolation, and covid didn’t spread beyond the one individual.  We appreciate for your prayers!
Exciting to see
It was great to see the new Craft group meet together today.  I’m praying that this setting will be a place of joyful creative connection and support, for those who come along, and for those who are welcomed from the local community.  This is a wonderful example of a few people responding to the prompting God placed on their heart.  I love the way God uses each person in the body of Christ, with their unique interests and gifts.
I wonder what God might be prompting you to join or to start at this time?
Next few weeks
This Sunday we begin a new series focusing on the blessing of singleness and marriage within our church community.  Our services will be seated around tables, to emphasize the importance of relational connection.  I’m really looking forward to this time, as we gather together in worship, God’s word and conversation in caring faith community. Also just to let you know that over the next two weeks, I won’t be in the church office.  The first week with a block course for my professional development, followed by a Baptist regional Hui.  The following week I’ll be on holiday with family.
NZ Baptists
One way to keep in touch with some of the conversations happening in the Baptist movement is through podcasts.  Here is a link to a number of podcast conversations between Baptist leaders.
I’d like to invite you to pray for NZ Baptist leaders and pastors at this time, particularly for those in the Auckland and Northland as we gather at Hui this week.  Please pray for Rachel Roche in her role as Kaitiaki Regional Advisor in the Baptist Northern Association.  Please pray for churches facing significant times of change and challenge.  Please pray for God’s mission into every local neighbourhood around our country.  Please pray for churches running the Alpha course this term. 
Just a reminder that it’s not too late to invite people to the Alpha courses at Franklin Baptist church next week.  Monday 10am or Wednesday 6:45pm. 
May you know God’s presence and courage in your life today

Grace and peace,
Tim Palmer
Senior Pastor, Franklin Baptist Church
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