Joy in hard times | Carol Dobbe | Sermon

Last week in our series on joy we looked at “Fighting for Joy.” This week we will be looking at 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and exploring how we can find Joy in challenging times. Watch or listen on Church Center.

The Songs of Christmas | Josh van de Worp

Josh van de Worp shares on the topic “The Songs of Christmas”. Discover their meaning as we dive in the words of some of our most favourite Christmas songs. Watch or listen on Church Center.

Change Your Attitude | Faye Snook | Sermon

Faye Snook shares on the topic “Change your attitude”. How often do we challenge our children to change their attitude?This week we continue in Philippians looking at the lives of three leaders, their service and encouragement despite their circumstances.What does it mean to have the same mindset as Jesus as Read more…

A Continuing Responsibility | Steve Clark | Sermon

Steve Clark shares on the topic “A Continuing Responsibility”. We continue in our series from Philippians looking at chapter 2 and vs 12 – 18. Paul continues to encourage the church to take a closer look at the responsibilities we have as followers of Jesus and to be shining lights Read more…

You want me to do what! | Steve Clark | Sermon

“You want me to do what!” / Steve ClarkGenesis 6:9-22This week we are taking a detour from the NT and Philippians into the OT and the book of Genesis. Have you ever felt like God has asked you to do something that was too big for you? I guess that Read more…