1. Carey Baptist College Flourish Conference

It is great to see that Jordyn Rapana will be one of the speakers at an upcoming Carey Conference on Monday 18th July.  Here are some more details if you are interested in attending https://www.carey.ac.nz/about-carey/carey-events/flourish-conference/

2. Reflections on Matariki

Last week’s conversation about Matariki generated a lot of positive feedback (…alongside one or two negative reactions/concerns).  Overwhelmingly, people are grateful for the tools to discern and navigate this new holiday with the families, schools etc.  I want to acknowledge Paul Windsor, the previous Principal at Carey who first demonstrated the “Four Chairs” approach to this kind of topic, which I adapted in the message on Sunday.  I’m also grateful for Christian organisations that are continuing this conversation and resources.  At a nationwide level, this new event is being defined and shaped by many leaders.  As you’re aware, some of it is concerning.  But it is tremendous to see leading Christian Māori engaging with the opportunity, and in some settings they have been able to shape and define events from a Christian worldview.  Here’s a great example from Bradford Haami… Karakia message with Brad Haami

3. Renew Together

This month we begin our annual focus and fundraising for Global Mission through Prayer and Self denial, now called “Renew Together”.

On Sunday we have Carol Dobbe sharing, as she concludes her mission work overseas.  I wonder what kinds of questions you would ask her?  I’m really interested in understanding how her missions experience affects her approach to living in New Zealand again.

We’re also looking forward to a shared meal together after the service.  Please join us!

Grace and peace,

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