Today I am celebrating that we will return to church onsite on Sunday 10th April!  

We can’t wait to see you there!

I’m also reflecting on a couple of two year landmarks.

Lockdowns and traffic lights

“The hardest thing about two weeks to flatten the curve has been the first two years!”

I don’t know the original source of this quote that a friend shared with me this week.  But it kind of made me laugh, cringe and react all at the same time.  It seems accurate. 

Two years ago today we were anticipating our first lockdown.

Today we anticipate upcoming changes and the removal of vaccine passes in a few weeks.

There is a lot to reflect on about this.  I’m really looking forward to gathering in worship together again.  I recognise that there is some journeying together, healing and celebration that will need to take place.  I’ll share more about this at another time.   

Karakia@7am and 7pm

It is also the two year celebration of the daily karakia on Facebook.  Our very own Erin Temu, his brother Marcus, and their friend Amber started Karakia at 7am and 7pm to support family during a tough time. Karakia is short live-streamed time of prayer, worship and bible reflection two times every day. It suddenly grew as it connected with people going into lockdown, and is now followed by over 7000 people from different nations. It was typical for videos to be viewed 60,000 times a week.  This has continued every single day for two years, now four times a day, with about 140 contributors from around the world, from a wide range of backgrounds and denominations. It’s a beautiful expression of ordinary people in the body of Christ encouraging one another. 

Well done Erin for your faithfulness in this setting, as you lead and share the gospel with thousands.  We have seen people return to Jesus, find a place of connection and belonging, healing and restoration.  It has been a privilege to share in this journey.

Here’s a link to a celebration moment, which includes some of the contributors sharing how karakia has impacted them.  Erin and others celebrating Karakia

Also, here is my recent share, highlighting three reasons why I think God has been working through this Karakia community…  Tim and Grace sharing

May you know God’s strength and joy this week.

Grace and peace,


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