1. The price of lettuce and let us

A few weeks ago, when we ran out of lettuce in the garden, I looked at the supermarket. $6.00!  For one lettuce.  We didn’t have salad that day.

Hebrews 10 talks about some expensive lettuce …actually it’s “let us” in Hebrews, but that too is costly.  The writer of Hebrews urges followers of Jesus, “let us” continue in these three things.  Three things that are just as vital today, which is why we’ll be preaching from these verses on Sunday.  This will require our energy and focus, there is a high price on “let us’s”  in Hebrews 10:19-25.  They require personal active intentionality to nurture. But they are SO healthy, and we will all be strengthened in our faith through these practices.

God’s word is powerful, and continues to speak to us at these times.  I’m looking forward to sharing this message on Sunday morning.  

2. Staff

Generally most staff are still working from home at “red”, except where they are unable to. It is important to make an appointment in advance in order to meet with them.

Den continues in the office 9:30-2:30 Monday to Friday, and working from home the rest of his time. As you can imagine, bookings and administration are very cumbersome as we daily navigate the additional requirements of COVID guidelines.  His admin strengths have been important in helping reshape some of our systems in the background, which enable us to work and communicate more efficiently.

Penny has been doing a great job in her part time interim role as executive pastor, particularly amidst the challenges brought by lockdown last year. It has been a timely blessing to have Penny bring her pastoral and management strengths into this role at this time. As we approach the 10 month time period, representatives from the leadership team have been reviewing this role, and will be working on a recommendation over the coming weeks.

Josh carries a lot in term one, with the majority of his time and focus on 24/7 work in schools and eCamp preparations.  Although eCamp will not be going ahead, Josh is arranging alternative Easter plans for churches across the North Island at this time.  It was great to see youth return at FBC.  We’re grateful for Josh’s many strengths, which are critical in enabling our livestreamed services each week.

Sandra’s pastoral, biblical and counselling studies over the last five years have provided essential insights and tools during this COVID time in the pastoral settings she now works in.  We can see how God had prepared us to journey with the spiritual and emotional trauma that would emerge during these unusual times.  Sandra is away on leave for the next week, until March 8th.  In her own time this year, Sandra will also continue further theological training at Carey.  

Julia has had to reduce her hours this term due to family circumstances, and we are working on what this looks like for children’s ministry moving forward into the term.  We ask for your continued prayer for this vital area of the church, as families are facing many challenges at this time.

Sacha has completed her additional hours over the summer break. Her extra input over this time has been really valuable, including the shaping of our summer services, preparation for our website and visual communications for the year ahead.  Sacha is away on holiday in Wellington over the next week until Carey starts again in early March.

Donna has done a great job with the Toy Library over the last few years, and has decided to step back from this role. Thank you Donna, for the enthusiasm and strength that you have brought into that setting, and the families that have been blessed.

This week the Toy Library committee has been interviewing for this position in the Toy Library and we will update you on this when we are able to.

3. Worship in the wilderness series

I’ll be presenting a new series called “Worship in the wilderness”, during the weeks of “Lent” as we move towards Easter.  We will be introducing this at “The Well” this Wednesday night at 7pm (registered vac pass service), and also at Oasis chapel service on Wednesday morning (registered open to all).

There is an invitation for all of us to journey closer with Jesus at this time.  We are seeking to keep Jesus at the centre and focus of our lives and our church.  We are seeking God’s heart, deeper relationship with Christ, and actions that reflect our faith.

I’m looking forward to gathering at The Well, and gathering at the Oasis next week.

A place of spiritual replenishment, prayer and worship. I’d love to see you there.

Grace and peace,

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