1. Dad pranks and family updates

The 15 minute wait for the result of a rapid antigen test can be nerve-wracking for some.  I thought it would be funny to draw a red line on an old RAT test, and swap it for my teenager’s test while they had their back turned.  The reactions were hilarious.  

Like many of you, our family has been navigating this unusual season of evaluating symptoms, RAT tests, and assessing regularly activities. Jenni and I were both down at the beginning of the week with all of the symptoms and exhaustion associated with COVID.  Unable to function weariness, foggy heads, achy muscles, sore throats and sleeping a lot.  We’d had prolonged contact with several people who tested positive soon afterwards.  However, everyone in the family has remained negative all week, even with a PCR.  It turns out that there are other nasty bugs and flus going around.  

All of that is just to acknowledge, this is a really weird time for everyone. A time that we need to take care of each other, and take care of ourselves.  My non-covid flu seems to have been worse than some other people’s covid experience.  Yet other people’s covid condition has been really debilitating. It’s important to listen and care for each other well at this time. We’d love to find ways to support you if you are in isolation. You can register this on our Church Center App, or contact care@fbc.nz.

2. Enter podcast

Last week I mentioned the Enter podcast.  I want to promote it again, because it is really really good!

I like to keep my prayer life fresh by engaging with new things that help me grow in my spiritual journey with Jesus.  A few friends of mine have recently produced this new podcast series for Lent.  It includes a combination of scripture, spacious reflection, thought provoking spoken word, and prayer.

Check out https://www.enter-podcast.com/enter-lent to access the podcast, and for information around the process and suggestions for how to enter into the series with a small group of others.

3. Auckland Church Leaders

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to attend a retreat for Auckland Church Leaders.  This small focus group of fifteen represented different denominations, locations around Taamaki Makaurau, and ethnic groups. We were working on ideas and strategies to see the churches of Auckland work together better over the next decade, to see our city flourish.  I was humbled by the invitation and inspired by the possibilities. 

Some of you may be following the series of short videos on Shine TV and social media.  Each day, a different church leader from Auckland presents a 3 minute devotion leading up to Easter.  It is refreshing to hear the range of different leaders sharing God’s word.  I hope it encourages you.  Here’s a link to the daily series https://www.facebook.com/aucklandchurchleaders

I’m also interested to hear your general thoughts about churches working together.  

What kind of activity would you personally love to be involved in, alongside other churches, to see our city flourish spiritually and practically?

Today I’m praying that you will know God’s presence and peace as you trust in Him.

Grace and peace,


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