1. Leadership team update 

This follows on from the leadership team update two weeks ago (here’s the link if you missed it https://www.franklinbaptist.org.nz/leadership-team-update-0302/).

The leadership team regularly reviews our situation as it relates to the traffic light system, and also what this means for us at Phase 2.  With COVID cases increasing to over 1000+ per day, we observe the general hesitance people have to attend gatherings.  At the same time we recognise that some would like more opportunities to attend church gatherings in spite of the spread of Omicron.

We will continue to offer mid-week service options, including Oasis and “The Well”.

We have also decided to offer Sunday morning gatherings onsite, as soon as possible, while still under “Red”.  Next week we will be able to provide more specific details.

2. Josh Temu

I’m pleased to celebrate with Josh Temu, as he has been accepted into Equippers College.  He is pursuing his leadership calling, with a focus on worship ministry, while continuing to serve voluntarily at Franklin Baptist Church.  This is a significant faith step for Josh, as he embarks on fulltime study, while working one day a week in his job.  There is an opportunity to bless and support Josh in his ministry training, by contributing to his personal College Fund Account: 02-1206-0050358-001.  He would also value your prayer support this year.

Josh, I want to affirm this ministry calling on your life.  I have seen the way that you have served consistently and sacrificially in many church settings over the years.  Behind the scenes you are often the first to arrive to set up, the last to leave, and you go out of your way to help (…like that time when you rescued the pastor who ran out of petrol!)  You care generously for others.  I know that the outward worship ministry that we see upfront is just a reflection/overflow of the deep relationship that you have with Jesus.  I pray for God’s blessing as you step out in this calling.  And I look forward to seeing the way your ongoing training blesses the ministry settings at Franklin Baptist and our nation in the years ahead.

3. Encouraging words

Today I heard the sad news about the passing of a woman of God who blessed my life as a teenager.  Barbara Stewart.  One who opened her home with hospitality and joy to any and everyone who would come, every week.  One who served God as a missionary in Africa.  One who worked with her husband, as an amazing couple in pastor leadership to care for a congregation.  

I wonder who has been a blessing to you in your life? I wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to write to those people with some encouraging words. It might be someone from the past, or present.  Today I encourage you, to take time to encourage someone else.

Grace and peace,

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