1. A fantastic podcast

I like to keep my prayer life fresh by engaging with new things that help me grow in my spiritual journey with Jesus.  A few friends of mine have recently produced this new podcast series for Lent.  It includes a combination of scripture, spacious reflection, thought provoking spoken word, and prayer.

Check out Enter Lent for information around the process and suggestions for how to enter into the series with a small group of others.

2. Are you isolating?

Please let us know if your household needs to isolate with covid  We have a small pack for you which includes spiritual reflections and tools to help stay connected with God during this time.  One way that you can let us know is by registering on our ‘Church Center’ App. Follow the instructions under the ‘I’m Isolating’ event in the events tab to sign up your whaanau for some practical and spiritual support during this time. 

3. Celebrating international women’s day

I wonder if you did anything to celebrate international women’s day this week?

Last year I stumbled upon a quote that has lingered with me for months.

“Every discussion of ‘biblical womanhood’ should include the fact that in Luke 1, two pregnant women celebrate their new motherhood by passionately discussing the coming overthrow of every earthly empire.”Kaitlyn Scheiss 

This had me digging deeper into scripture and imagining the scene in Luke 1-2.  It’s amazing when God shows you fresh insight in the Bible.  Particularly in the stories we may have overlooked.  Did you realise that in this scripture a young woman not only speaks God’s word, but writes words that become part of the Bible? Meanwhile God makes the man in the scene remain silent. He’s a leader and a priest, and he too will write prophetic poetry.  But in this moment while Mary and Elizabeth are discussing and singing about the overthrow of earthly empires and the poor being fed, God ordained that the man would be unable to say a word.  Lots to learn from this!

Here are my reflections that I shared on Karakia this week. “Powerful pregnant prophetic activists”:


I want to honour the women that have carried God’s word and actions so powerfully throughout my life, and in our church.  In particular, my wife Jenni, who demonstrates God’s kingdom and Christ’s love through her faith and calling, every day.

Today, may you know God’s enabling power and presence in all that you do.

Grace and peace,


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