We’re very grateful for the responses to our recent survey. This has helped us to gauge some general opportunities and concerns relating to lockdown, gathering and local mission. Although the new “roadmap” toward Level 2 will now look different and more distant than we hoped, the survey results have still been helpful to gain a general perspective of our church, at a particular snapshot in time. We’re aware that a survey like this has limitations in the way we interpret some of the responses. This will help initiate further discussion, rather than jumping to conclusions too quickly in light of these limitations.

Here are a four insights:

Q1 – Gathering.
Under Level 2 guidelines (at the time of the survey, expressed as a limit of 50), the significant majority of our church would intend to stay home or in Life Groups for church online. This may express a general sense of caution rather than rush to return to large gatherings.

Q2 – Serving.
A third of responders communicated a willingness to serve with practical requirements at “Level 2”.

Q5 – Neighbourhood/regional focus.
More than half of survey respondents saw the value of strengthening regional neighbourhood communities.

Q8 – Change and local mission
While there is almost no interest in radical re-invention of church (2 people / 103), the majority 60% hopes that there will be some radical changes alongside returning to church as usual. This could be interpreted very positively, as an openness to grow and change, as reflected in Q5 – with the number who are open to strengthening neighbourhood community and missional presence. There is an important opportunity for further discussion about how God is leading us in these areas moving forward.

Here are the results, for your interest.

Tim Palmer

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