A Sorrowful Journey

As we continue our Lent series, this week is perhaps the most difficult one on our journey through the wilderness. We began by talking about how the Holy Spirit of God calls us to the desert that we might be transformed. We have spoken about how wilderness worship looks different Read more…

A Secret Journey

This week we are reflecting on Silence, Solitude and Simplicity. In a very noisy, busy world we can see these activities either as relief or something we don’t have time for. Yet, Jesus often stepped away from the crowds for moments of solitude with God.

A Spirit-led Journey

Tim will be presenting a new series called “Worship in the Wilderness” during the weeks of Lent—the forty days of preparation before Easter. We recall the forty days that Jesus experienced in the wilderness. It is often a time of fasting which helps us to focus on God. A time Read more…