Church meeting agenda Sunday 1 May 2022, 11am.

  • Minutes of last meeting/matters arising
  • Acceptance of annual report/confirmation of 2020/21 accounts
    • Background: with no AGM last year the reports and accounts were tabled and taken as read. Time was given for any questions to be raised – none were – and the accounts were audited in November 2021. The purpose of this vote is to get formal acceptance and have it recorded in the minutes.
  • Leadership team appointments
    • Background: with no AGM last year Alan Calvert, Erin Temu, Penny Day and Dave Stevens were invited to join/continue in the leadership team subject to a vote at this meeting (1/5/22). The term is for 2 years from September 2021.
  • Finance update – current year
  • Loan repayment project
  • Pastor’s report and staffing update
  • General business
    • Question about church growth – to be covered within the Pastor’s report
    • Question/update about executive pastor role – to be covered within the Pastor’s report
    • Question about open discussion time at church meetings
    • Question/update about revising the duration of leadership team appointments 
  • Prayer

Next meeting: Sun 3 July

NEXT AGM: [25 September 2022]

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