Franklin Baptist Church has installed closed circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in and around the Church to monitor for any unwanted or unsafe activity. In accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, Franklin Baptist Church must ensure that these CCTV cameras do not unnecessarily impact on our visitors’ privacy.

We have created a privacy policy to govern the collection, use and disclosure of images captured by CCTV cameras. This privacy policy is designed to inform you of our reasons for installing CCTV cameras and, where personal information has been collected, your rights in relation to that information.

Nothing in this privacy policy limits or excludes your rights under the Privacy Act 1993.

Privacy Policy Overview

This privacy notice will set out:

  • what information is being collected
  • the purpose of the information’s collection
  • whether we intend to pass this on to others, and who they may be
  • whether the collection of this information is authorised or required under a particular law
  • the rights of the individual to access and correct the information
  • our address for contact

What information is being collected?

We have placed CCTV cameras up at Church to monitor specific areas for security and safety purposes. These cameras may from time-to-time record footage of you, your family, and friends as you pass through the CCTV camera area. We consider this footage to be your personal information so we will be ensuring that it is managed as set out in this privacy policy.

What is the purpose of the information collection?

Franklin Baptist Church is taking steps to ensure the safety and security of our staff and visitors, as well as making sure that our Church is prevented from damage in any way. We view CCTV cameras as a means to carry out these steps with minimal imposition on our visitors. It is also paramount that our staff are safe and secure when working at Church. The CCTV cameras are a way to help achieve that objective. We may use this footage when conducting internal investigations relating to staff or visitor complaints.

Is collection of this information authorised or required under a particular law?

As the owner and/or operator of the venues it is our right to install and operate the CCTV cameras in our properties.

What rights do individuals have to access and correct the information?

Any individual who is recorded by our CCTV cameras has the right to access that footage and to make any corrections so long as that information relates to that individual. These are principles of the Privacy Act 1993. The length of storage of footage may vary so there is no guarantee that this information will still be held by Franklin Baptist Church at the time the individual wants access. The individual has no right to access footage that does not relate to the individual.

Who can you contact for further information?

You can contact us at any time to ask about our privacy policy, privacy practices, to let us know that you’re concerned about anything or make a complaint about the way we’ve handled your personal information.

Senior Pastor
Email address:

If you’re not satisfied with the way we’ve handled your complaint, you have the right to make a complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.